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Buckle Up!

When and how to talk about driving safety.

Driving safety is one of the first big “we need to talk” moments. How you handle it can either cause more damage or set a positive precedent for how to talk about sensitive topics in the future. Here’s a road map for what to say and how to say it.

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Flirting With Disaster

Are your parents ready for the next crisis?

Older adults are particularly vulnerable when disasters shut down power, delay help, and disrupt lives for weeks and months. But helping your parent stay safe takes more than a generic checklist for a basic emergency kit. If you want more peace of mind, remember these often-overlooked planning essentials.

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Are You Your Parent’s Long-Term Care Plan?

Why it’s never too early to talk about money.

If you haven’t talked to your aging parents about their finances, brace for impact. You may be setting yourself up for a financial punch to the gut. Here’s how to avoid magical thinking and a significant threat to your own financial security.

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Should Mom Move In With You?

Three realities to consider before saying yes.

Asking mom or dad to move in is something most of us don’t think about until we have to. Sometimes the catalyst is a health or financial crisis. Sometimes it seems like the best option. Or your only option. Almost always, it feels like the right thing to do — even when you have doubts. What are well-meaning, middle-aged kids like us missing?

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Criminals Use AI for New Twist on Old Scam

Why your parents are vulnerable — and what to do about it.

The so-called grandparent scam isn’t new. Neither is its cousin, the fake kidnapping scam. Now criminals are using artificial intelligence to clone voices and make these cruel scams even more believable. Here’s what you and your parents need to know to keep from getting conned.

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Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

How to ask your siblings for help.

In the beginning, helping mom wasn’t so bad. But now mom’s needs are growing faster than your ability to meet them. And stay employed. And care for yourself and your own family. The good news is you have siblings you can ask for help. The bad news: you have to ask your siblings for help. Here’s how to do it. 

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Letting Things Go

Why to help your parents clear clutter — and how to get started.

For many older adults, living with clutter is a serious safety, health, and quality of life problem. If your parent has a clutter problem, the sooner you find the strength to help them, the better. Check out these tips about how to talk about it, why to start small, and where to focus first. 

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Humpty Dumpty Never Saw It Coming

One bad fall changes everything.

If you want to help your parent stay healthy and independent, talking about fall risk and prevention is essential. Part One of our fall safety series explains the warning signs to watch for and why waiting to talk is a big mistake, even if your folks appear to be in good health.

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Mindset Matters

Planning to talk with mom about fall safety? Get your head right first.

Part Two of our fall safety series shares tips on how to set positive intentions and realistic expectations before you talk to mom or dad.

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Conversation Starters

Five ways to make talking about fall safety easier.

Part Three of our fall safety series: Solid strategies to start the conversation, expert advice about where to talk, and a helpful tip if mom or dad won’t engage.

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Fall Safety Talking Tips

How to keep the conversation going.

Talking about fall prevention isn’t a one and done deal. It’s an ongoing conversation. Part Four of our fall safety series covers key tips to help you deal with resistance, avoid getting triggered, and keep everyone talking.

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