Time Passages

It’s leap day. Do yourself and your parents a favor.

Cosmic math isn’t convenient.

If it were, the amount of time it takes for the earth to orbit the sun would be 365 days and not 365.242190 days.

It doesn’t seem like much, but that fractional difference adds up. Which is why every four years we tack on a “leap day” in February to account for the drift with our 365-day calendar.

Leap days aren’t a perfect solution. But for centuries, this calendar hack is how we’ve reconciled the passage of time that we don’t notice passing in the moment.

Unfortunately, the rate at which time passes for our parents is not nearly as predictable. 

So do yourself and your parents a favor: This leap day, make the drift a gift. Use your bonus time to plan those important conversations you‘ve been avoiding.

While time is still on your side.

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