The Journey Ahead

How to move forward with courage, confidence, and less stress.

Here’s the thing about navigating life with older parents: It’s easy to get lost along the way.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. And everyone’s path is different. 

That’s why there are no maps for the journey ahead.

It’s also why — more than ever — you need to learn how to use your personal compass to keep moving in the right direction… to let you know when you’re off course… and to help you manage situations and challenges you did not expect.

Last week, I hosted a live event with author and care coach Diane Dagefoerde called “Oh Sh#t! Now What? How to Manage Care for Your Aging Parent.” 

Learning how to find and use your compass is just one of the strategies we covered. Diane also shared:

  • The four most common approaches to managing care — and why they don’t work.
  • Why and how you need to start thinking and acting as a care manager.
  • The #1 strategy to help you handle every care challenge.

This is the kind of practical, actionable advice that too many of us learn the hard way.

But not you.

Because you can watch the replay for free right now.

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